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Rotten Apple

Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 4 5 4
Health 44 52 44
Dice 3 4 3
Equipment Rotten Core, Worm Bite Rotten Core, Worm Bite Poisoned Apple


The Rotten Apple is a mutant apple created after a series of genetic modification experiments by Lady Luck. Its overworld sprite mimics a common overworld object, the apple (like the Mimic).

After combat, it often likes to tell jokes.

Rotten Apple is considered a rare enemy, meaning that they will not show up on any character's first episode.


The Rotten Apple will usually pick Worm Bite first with its lowest dice, then place the rest of its dice into Rotten Core.

You can identify a Rotten Apple by mousing over it and noticing that it's named “Rotten Apple” instead of identifying it as something that heals health.

While the Rotten Apple can deal a lot of damage, it is usually not capable of defeating anyone. Facing the Rotten Apple while you're at most 4 points from a level up can offset the health loss from facing one.


Rotten Apple's bio is obtained by completing any four parallel universe episodes.

Favourite Food:



Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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