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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 2 3 2
Health 26 34 26
Dice 2 3 2
Equipment Pirate Hook, Cannon Fire Pirate Hook, Chocolate Cookie, Cannon Fire Pirate Hookshot, Red Beard


The Pirate is a pirate wearing a blue hat with a skull on it, a red shirt, and a grey hook. Surprisingly, he isn't wearing an eyepatch. He enjoys speaking in rhymes.

The mini-map version of the Pirate has a normal skull on his hat, but in battle, the skull is making a “chef's kiss” gesture.


The Pirate's bio is obtained when you use your limit break twice in one turn.

Favourite Food:

Greatest Fear:

Favourite Book:

Karaoke Go-To:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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