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Paper Knight

Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 5 Boss 5
Health 48 58 48
Dice 3 4 3
Equipment Cardboard Sword, Glue Cardboard Sword, Glue Paper Sword, Paper Armor
Innate Weak to fire


The Paper Knight is a goblin wearing two cardboard boxes and holding a sword made of cardboard.


Paper Knight will use any even dice on Cardboard Sword, then odd dice on Glue. Overall, she's likely to do 16 damage in a three-turn fight, or 21 damage in a four-turn fight. However, if upgraded, she can do 24 damage in a three-turn fight or 30 damage in a four-turn fight.

If you come to her fight with a lot of healing or Shield, you can usually outlast the damage she does given time.

In order to avoid damage, you can combine the effects of Weaken and Frozen to reduce the chance that she can do damage. However, freeze by itself won't do too much since it'll give her a definite ability to lock your dice.

Naturally, Burn is very powerful against her.


Similarly to the main game, her attacks start strong but get weaker as the fight continues. In this version of the fight, she'll get the ability to reduce your damage so she can prolong the fight, so it's useful to have stronger attacks or the ability to get high dice.


The Paper Knight's bio is obtained by dealing more than 40 damage in a single attack. This can be done through equipment like Nightmare or using Flamethrower+ on an enemy weak to fire.

Greatest Fear:



Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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