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Normal Super Reunion
Level 2 3 2
Health 28 34 28
Dice 2 3 2
Equipment Snowball, Fireball Snowball, Snowball, Fireball, Fireball Echo Bang, Electric Shock


The Marshmallow is a marshmallow that is perpetually set on fire. Marshmallow laughs whenever it speaks, and considers every defeat a chance to beat the dice next time.


The Marshmallow can do large amounts of damage in the early game as it has a 50% chance of rolling both an odd and an even dice. Try to freeze it to minimize the amount of damage it can do, especially to prevent it using 6s.

Since it can freeze dice, equipment that can work well with 1s will work well in this fight. Limit breaks are also rather easy to charge against this enemy.


The Marshmallow's bio is obtained after completing the episode named “Curse of Greed”.

Favourite Food:


Favourite Book:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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