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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion (Witch Only)
Level Boss 7 Boss
Health 70 82 200
Dice 5 6 2
Equipment Campfire, Pocket Knife, Chocolate Cookie Campfire, Pocket Knife, Chocolate Cookie Riddle, Conundrum


Madison (formerly known as the Girl Scout) is a 12 year old Girl Scout who idolizes Lady Luck and wants to be like her when she grows up. She likes selling cookies, but also loves fighting, which she couldn't really do outside the dungeons.

Before version v1.11, she was immune to freeze, and had 4 less health. This version of her is still in the Halloween Special episodes.



Madison will use her high-valued dice on Chocolate Cookie, and then prioritize using an even dice on Campfire to burn more of your dice.

Similar to Kraken, her attack pattern will encourage you to finish the fight quickly since Campfire will increase in damage the more it is used. Pocket Knife is also pretty deadly since it's essentially a more powerful Dagger.

Burn is pretty useful for this fight, since she has a lot of dice and her loadout uses a lot of dice to work.

Normal Equipment

Freeze is pretty strong against her, since she will be less able to repeat an action without high dice.

Upgraded Equipment

While Freeze is usually good against enemies, too much will actually hurt you here since Madison's Pocket Knife+ is fully reusable and will do 3 damage per dice for a total of 15 damage, whereas Campfire will do comparatively less damage for her. Weaken is more effective since it will either force her to use a high dice to use Campfire+ or prevent her from doing as much damage with Pocket Knife+.


Madison's bio is obtained when you complete any three Bonus Round episodes on Hard Mode.

Favourite Food:

Happiest Moment:

Karaoke Go-To:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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