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Loud Bird

Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 4 5 4
Health 44 54 44
Dice 4 5 4
Equipment Squawk, Flight, Echo Blast Squawk, Flight, Echo Blast CAW, Swoop, Wing Flap


The Loud Bird is a very loud bird. Their favourite thing to say is “CAW!”


The Loud Bird is generally an annoying fight, since it's very likely that they'll be able to have doubles, an even dice, and an odd dice at the same time, so it'll usually prevent you from using your abilities, Limit Break, and your first attack each turn. It can also weaken your equipment at the same time.

However, Loud Bird also doesn't deal a large amount of damage with its turns. Shielding or reducing the damage from its attacks may help prevent damage and allow you to survive longer.

You can charge Limit Break before the fight, or charge Limit Break during the fight and run away to start the fight without silence in order to improve your fight against the Loud Bird.

Using Hall of Mirrors or equipment that allows the user to gain more dice can help give dice to break silence. Shocking equipment is also recommended, as well as coming prepared with multiple attacking equipment or reuseable equipment. It's recommended to use equipment that won't be too affected by weaken (i.e. equipment that doesn't require exact values or double dice on weaken)

Also, using equipment that applies status effects to enemies will count as attacks that the Loud Bird can dodge, so make sure to manage your status effects and attacks carefully.

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