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Lady Luck

SPOILER ALERT: This page contains spoilers for Dicey Dungeons' finale. Discretion is advised.

Health 200
Dice 5 (Will always roll 6s)
Equipment Dependent on the phase of the fight
Innate Changes equipment every turn


Lady Luck is the host of Dicey Dungeons who runs the entire game show. She is the boss of the Backstage and the final boss of Dicey Dungeons.

Many people have entered the Dungeons in order to earn their heart's desire, only to end up failing. In order to escape the Dungeons, the contestants ultimately decide to fight her.

The song Fortune Favours The Bold plays whenever facing Lady Luck.

Phase 1

Turn of Phase Phase 1 Equipment
Equipment (Turn 1) Judgement
Equipment (Turn 2) Judgement x2
Equipment (Turn 3) Judgement x3
Equipment (Turn 4, ends phase) Wheel of Fortune

Phase 1 Judgements are designed to do high amounts of damage to members of the player's party that don't fit the requirements. However, there is going to be one member of the party who will take minimal damage from the Judgement attacks each turn.

Divine Axe is added in with the Judgement cards on turns 2 and 3 if there's nobody in the party who can take minimal damage from 3 different Judgement cards at once.

Phase 2

Line when Phase Starts:

Turn of Phase Phase 2 Equipment
Equipment (Turn 1) Divine Sword, Cornucopia
Equipment (Turn 2) Divine Megaphone or Divine Hammer
Equipment (Turn 3) Divine Dagger
Equipment (Turn 4) Divine Sword
Equipment (Turn 5) Divine Axe
Equipment (Turn 6) Divine Hammer or Divine Megaphone
Equipment (At 80 health or lower, ends phase) Divine Rod
Innate Changes equipment every turn

This phase introduces commandments, which were added by Lady Luck with the Wheel of Fortune equipment. This adds conditions that, if not met, can lead to dangerous consequences.

The phase loops after the 6th turn back to Divine Sword and Cornucopia until Lady Luck is brought to 80 health or lower.

Phase 3

Line when Phase Starts:

Turn of Phase Phase 3 Equipment
Equipment (Turn 1, 5, 9, …) Meteor
Equipment (Turn 2, 6, 10, …) Apocalypse
Equipment (Turn 3, 7, 11, …) Absolute Zero
Equipment (Turn 4, 8, 12, …) Mega Storm
Innate Changes equipment every turn

During this phase, no rules are generated by Wheel of Fortune.

All the equipment used will deal 20 or 30 damage after a long countdown, as well as serious status effects. It's very likely that the party member sent out will be knocked out by Lady Luck's attacks unless prevented through cursing her or adding Shield to your characters. Weakening her equipment can also reduce the damage dealt, as well.

This phase lasts until Lady Luck is defeated. Once that happens, the ending cutscene will play and you are rewarded with the the game's end credits.

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