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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 3 4 3
Health 34 42 34
Dice 1 1 4
Equipment Lock 1, Lock 2, Lock 3, Lock 4, Lock 5, Lock 6 Lock 1, Lock 2, Keyblade x3, Lock 6 Cloak and Dagger, Security Breach


The Keymaster is an enthusiast of keys and circumventing locks - the sort of devotion a railfan would exhibit, but for keys. He wears glasses whose rims are specially shaped like keys, holds a large key in one hand and a keyring with smaller keys in the other, and constantly hauls around a large backpack - presumably holding more keys.

Keymaster's after-combat lines imply he's very irritable about losing fights, throwing out sarcastic praise like how the player character will make an amazing minion once they lose.


The Keymaster initially starts out doing low amounts of damage, but will do more damage the longer he's allowed to fight you. Thankfully, he can't inflict any status conditions on you, so any strategies you have to finish the fight as quickly as possible should work here.

Freezing his dice is generally a good idea, since he won't be able to use any locks except for the first one. However, don't Burn him at the same time, since the dice may burn first, then freeze, allowing him to unlock two Keyblades. Shock and Curse may also work since the Keymaster won't be able to get the dice back.

Do NOT blind the Keymaster. Because of how Blind works for enemies, the Keymaster will be able to unlock multiple Locks with his blind dice in one turn.


Keymaster's bio is obtained by using a Finale card (Grand Finale, Punchline, Dice Cannon, Encore, Action!, Big Moment, or Laugh Track)

Favourite Food:

Karaoke Go-To:

Six Things You Couldn't Live Without:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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