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Haunted Jar

Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 3 4 3
Health 34 42 34
Dice 4 5 3
Equipment Poison Cloud, Blight Poison Cloud, Poison Cloud, Blight Slime Ball, Poison Paradise
Innate Strong against poison


The Haunted Jar is a jar that is filled with toxic fumes, and presumably souls of past adventurers.

Haunted Jar tends to be inaudible most of the time, but occasionally ominous words can be heard from it.


The Haunted Jar should be defeated quickly, since it will usually be able to inflict a lot of Poison on a player while only taking half damage from poison the player inflicts. Shock can be useful to prevent Blight from activating too often, though.

Thorns and Shield aren't very useful since it doesn't directly attack.


The Haunted Jar's bio is obtained once a player stacks 30 or more total Poison on an enemy at once.

Favourite Food:


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