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Normal Super Reunion
Level 1 2 1
Health 9 21 9
Dice 2 3 1
Equipment Broadsword, Small Shield Two Handed Sword, Small Shield Frogsword


The Frog is a small bipedal frog with angry eyes, blue pants, a shield, and a very oversized sword. They are a desperate blood-seeker similar to Aoife, but also swears their life to Lady Luck much like Madison does.

They constantly complain that their sword is not large enough, but by the postgame they're issued a new sword that makes them ecstatic despite it being identical to their old sword. (The existence of Frogsword implies that Frog was intended to actually get a new sword in the postgame. This is instead granted in the Reunion DLC).


The Frog will use its highest dice on Broadsword and its lower dice (if it fits Small Shield) on its shield each turn.

This enemy can do a lot of damage each turn and defend themselves to make them harder to beat, but on the other hand has the lowest HP of all the enemies on floor 1. It's recommended to beat the Frog as quickly as possible.

If playing Jester Episode 3 or Thief in Episode 2, it's a good idea to face the Frog since it's a quick way to get a piece of equipment that can do a lot of damage to enemies in the early floors. However, the Thief may have to spend some turns to charge his Finders Keepers ability.


Frog's bio is obtained by unlocking episode selection by finishing a game with 5 different characters.

Favourite Food:




Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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