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Normal Super (Unused)
Level Boss 7
Health 62 74
Dice 4 5
Equipment Blood Suck, Smog Cloud Blood Suck, Smog Cloud
Innate Must be killed with a wooden stake Must be killed with a wooden stake
PU Innate Revives once when killed Revives once when killed


Drake (formerly known as the Vampire) is a vampire who secretly eats garlic. He has the Vampire innate status.


If Drake's four dice sum up to the countdown remaining on Smog Cloud, he will put all of his dice into that equipment.

Otherwise, Drake will place his highest dice less than 4 on Blood Suck, then put the rest of his dice into Smog Cloud.

Drake usually does less damage at the beginning of the match, but the Poison builds up and can cause problems eventually. It's a good idea to use Freeze and Shock to prevent Drake from building up his damage output, and also to prevent Blind.

Also, dice should be spent to charge Wooden Stake's long countdown in order to get the final blow ready.

During Parallel Universe episodes, it's a good idea to use Fury on Wooden Stake? to quickly reduce Drake's health. Be careful because damage done before revival doesn't carry over after Drake revives.

The Drain Monster bonus round rule can make Wooden Stake ineffective, so a larger amount of equipment should be brought to reduce the chance that the Wooden Stake can be made ineffective if it is active.


Drake's bio is obtained by completing any two Bonus Round episodes in hard mode.

Favourite Food:

Childhood Pet:

Secret Shame:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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