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Drain Monster

Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 3 4 3
Health 34 42 34
Dice 3 4 4
Equipment Slime Ball, Slime Ball, Sinkhole Slime Ball, Slime Ball, Sinkhole Leaky Pipe, Dangerous Fumes
Innate Strong against poison


The Drain Monster is a green slime (like the Slime) that inhabits drains. This one is more powerful, though, since they have more dice and the ability to Weaken the player.

They were added in the v1.8 update, like the Bounty Hunter.

Drain Monster is considered a rare enemy, meaning that they will not show up on any character's first episode.


The Drain Monster will use even dice to inflict Poison and the rest of their dice on Sinkhole to inflict Weaken.

Freezing them can help prevent damage, and using equipment that isn't too affected by Weaken can also deal with the Drain Monster quickly before the poison builds up too much.


Drain Monster's bio is currently not obtainable in-game, but there is a bio stored in the data:

Favourite Food:


Happiest moment:

Karaoke Go-To:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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