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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 5 Boss 5
Health 100 110 100
Dice 0 1 0
Equipment Nightmare Nightmare Approach
Innate +1 dice every turn


Cornelius is a timeless being that aims to explore the entire universe, and came to the dungeons to experience the game show.

Prior to version 1.4, there was a challenge that required surviving an attack from Cornelius. However, it was removed since “if you're trying to get it intentionally, it's too grindy and not fun.” Source

Cornelius is considered a rare enemy, meaning that they will not show up on any character's first episode.


Cornelius can only use Nightmare, so this fight is based around preventing Cornelius from charging their equipment (or dodging it). Freezing dice, locking dice, and shocking equipment can help prevent Nightmare from occurring, as well as predicting and dodging the attack when it happens. Alternatively, defeating Cornelius before they can attack always works as well.

Given the expected value of a dice is 3.5, Cornelius is likely to reach 99 in at least 28 dice, which would take 7 turns. If Cornelius has upgraded equipment, Cornelius is likely to reach 74 in at least 21 dice, which would take 6 turns.

If the Sorceress Bonus Round rule is active, Cornelius will prefer to throw dice at the player instead of charging Nightmare.


Cornelius's bio is obtained by completing all six Parallel Universe episodes.

Favourite Food:


Karaoke Go-To:

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