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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 3 4 3
Health 32 40 32
Dice 3 4 2
Equipment Cactus Spear, Cactus Shield Sword Cactus Needle x2


The Cactus is a cactus wearing a yellow sweater, and carrying a spear and shield. They lack self-confidence since it's hard to be a plant that's too prickly to hug.



After the first turn, the Cactus will be able to do damage when you attack it, so it's not a great idea to use weak attacks against it.

Poison attacks can work well, since inflicting poison doesn't activate Thorns.

Weaken and Freeze is a good combo, since both pieces of equipment weaken to requiring a 6 and a 5, respectively.

Normal Equipment

The Cactus uses all odd dice to gain Thorns using Cactus Shield, and then their highest even dice on Cactus Spear.

Upgraded Equipment

The Cactus will use all dice except for the largest even dice on Cactus Shield+, then use Cactus Spear+ to deal 6/8/10 damage immediately.

Due to how this fight works, a Cactus unaffected by status effects will always have at least 2 thorns (or 3 if no even dice were rolled). It may be best to avoid this fight if you can't do a lot of damage on turn 1.


The Cactus's bio is obtained when you do more than 20 damage in one turn with the Dagger.

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