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Normal Super (Boss) Reunion
Level Boss 7 Boss
Health 68 80 68
Dice 4 5 4
Equipment Fire Breath x4 Fire Breath x4 Incinerate, Scorched Earth
Innate Strong against fire


Buster (formerly known as the Dragon), is a green dragon, but they act closer to a dog puppy (like Wolf Puppy). Like most dragons, Buster sleeps between dice matches, but is always ready to fight whenever called to battle, since they dream about fighting all the time.


Buster's equipment is simple but strong. Thanks to its high health in addition to the high number of dice rolled in addition to the damage required to use burned dice, Buster can be devastating to a lot of dungeon runs, even at full health.

Curse and Freeze are useful, since one fully negates the damage and one ensures that Buster will need to use multiple dice to unleash a breath attack.

Unfortunately, Burn does little good, since Buster only takes 1 damage when extinguishing dice instead of 2.


Buster's bio is obtained by completing all six Bonus Round episodes in hard mode.


Happiest Moment:

Six Things You Couldn't Live Without:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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