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Normal Super (Unused)
Level 3 4
Health 34 42
Dice 2 3
Equipment Rock x4, Fists Rock x4, Knuckle Duster


The Bully is a goblin wearing a red shirt who throws rocks.


The Bully will use Rock if his dice are 4 or more, or 3 or more if the equipment is upgraded. All other dice are placed into Fists. This means that the Bully will do a minimum of 6 damage as long as he's able to use Fists.

Since the Bully can't use status effects, the player should be able to use all their equipment without any issues, so the fight should be completed quickly as long as the player can deal damage quickly. Limit Breaks can also be charged quickly in this fight as well.

If the Bully is defeated before he can use all of his rocks, the rocks can be stolen if playing Jester in Episode 3 or Thief in Episode 2.


The Bully's bio is unlocked when you defeat an enemy on your first turn.


Greatest Fear:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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