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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level Boss 7 Boss
Health 56 68 56
Dice 5 6 4
Equipment Tower Shield, Broadsword, Charge! Shield Bash, Tower Shield Tidal Blade x4


Aoife (formerly called the Champion) is a warrior with pink hair and blue armour.

Prior to version 1.5, Aoife had a version of Tower Shield that added shield based on the sum of two dice and Sabre, which did a maximum of 4 damage and bashed with the shield to deal damage equal to the amount of shield.


Aoife prefers to use dice on the Tower Shield first, then use Charge! If she can't fully charge Charge! she will use a dice on Broadsword.

Poison can pierce shields, but it won't prevent damage from Charge! Therefore, it's also necessary to break the shield as well.


Aoife's bio is received after completing any four bonus round episodes in hard mode.

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