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Normal Super
Level 2 3
Health 28 34
Dice 3 3
Equipment Spiky Potion, Toxic Potion, Fire Potion, Bear Potion Bear Potion


The Alchemist is a human wearing a lab coat and carrying a large flask on their back.

When transformed into a bear, the Alchemist will have 2 copies of Bear Maul.


The Alchemist will use each potion in order from left to right, using the Bear Potion last.

Using freezing equipment on the dice can help prevent their potions from being used. Toxic Potion and Fire Potion inflict a lot of status effects considering that this fight can appear on Floor 2, so it's important to finish the fight quickly.

The Super Alchemist will become a bear as quickly as they possibly can, so it's best to take the first turn to prepare for Bear attacks since the potion heals 12 health as well.

If playing as the Thief or stealing equipment using the Inventor, you can take the Bear Potion and become a bear yourself.

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