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The enemies of Dicey Dungeons are Lady Luck's minions, who've been placed throughout the Dungeons in order to prevent the main dice from completing the episodes. Many of them used to be contestants in the show, but they've all ended up working for Lady Luck.

The enemies in Dicey Dungeons have rather varied designs. This includes simple humanoid characters like the Wizard and Keymaster, ordinary animals like Loud Bird and Dire Wolf, anthropomorphic creatures like the Cowboy and Rhino Beetle, things that would normally be inanimate like Rotten Apple and the Marshmallow, and takes on standard fantasy monsters like Buster and the Slime.

The lower-level (Level 1 and Level 2) enemies have Super forms as well, which have higher health and more equipment. They are usually only fought in later episodes.

Some enemies are also considered Rare, meaning they will only appear in episodes after the first episode.

Enemy Placement

In each episode, enemies are distributed in this way per floor:

  1. Two Level 1 enemies
  2. Three Level 2 enemies (one Super enemy from Level 1 in some episodes)
  3. One Level 2 enemy and two Level 3 enemies
  4. One Level 3 enemy (or one Super enemy from Level 2 in some episodes) and two Level 4 enemies
  5. Two Level 4 enemies and two Level 5 enemies
  6. One Boss (Level 6)

Enemy List

Level 1

Image Enemy Health Super Health Innate Rare
Frog 9 21
Gardener 12 24
Hothead 14 26 Weak to ice
Magician 9 21
RoboBot 12 24
Rose 12 24 Weak to fire
Slime 14 26 Strong against poison
Space Marine 14 26
Wolf Puppy 12 24 Strong against poison

Level 2

Image Enemy Health Super Health Innate Rare
Alchemist 28 34
Baby Squid 26 32
Dryad 26 32 Strong against poison
Marshmallow 28 34
Mimic 28 N/A
Pirate 26 N/A
Sneezy 24 N/A
Stereohead 28 34 Weak to shock
Sticky Hands 28 N/A Always goes first
Wizard 28 34

Level 3

Image Enemy Health Innate Rare
Bully 34
Cactus 32
Copycat 34 Copies player equipment
Drain Monster 34 Strong against poison
Fireman 34 Weak to ice
Handyman 32
Haunted Jar 34 Strong against poison
Keymaster 34
Sorceress 34
Vacuum 34
Yeti 30 Weak to fire

Level 4

Image Enemy Health Innate Rare
Aurora 42
Crystalina 48
Dire Wolf 42 Strong against poison
Kraken 44
Loud Bird 44
Rhino Beetle 46
Rotten Apple 44
Snowman 44 Weak to fire
Wicker Man 44 Weak to fire
Wisp 42 Strong against fire

Level 5

Image Level Health Innate Rare
Banshee 50
Bounty Hunter 48
Cornelius 100 Gains a new dice each turn
Cowboy 42
Gargoyle 48
Paper Knight 48 Weak to fire
Rat King 42 Strong against poison
Singer 48
Skeleton 50
Warlock 48


Image Enemy Health Innate
Aoife 56
Audrey 74
Beatrice 70
Buster 68 Strong against fire
Drake 62 Must be killed by a Wooden Stake
Madison 70
Scathach 70 Immune to lock and freeze


Image Name
Lady Luck

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