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Staff Credits

For the Credits status in Reunion, see Credits (Status).

This is the list of staff that made Dicey Dungeons the way it is today.

Created By

Design Terry Cavanagh
Art and Animation Marlowe Dobbe
PR and Marketing Dana Trebella
Music and Sound Design Niamh Houston / Chipzel
Programming Justo Delgado Baudí
Writing Holly Gramazio

With Help From

Polymod Support Lars Doucet
French Press Outreach Mylene Lourdel
PAX South Trailer Vanessa Williams
Code Contributions Jack “Jackeea” Udale
Programming Justo Delgado Baudí
Arabic Editor Nourhan ElSherief
Copyediting Philippa Warr
Launch Trailer Keith Shetler
Publishing in China Indienova
Code Contributions ncrecc
Programming Ruari O'Sullivan

Voice Acting

Voice Acting Will Lewis
Voice Acting Adriana Figueroa Voice of Lady Luck, the Witch, the Inventor, Baby Squid, Singer, and various other enemies (source)
Voice Acting Jules Conroy
Voiceover Audio Niilo Takalainen Voice of Jester (source)

Special Thanks for Design Feedback

Enemy Feedback Kuba “onetruepurple” Kallus
Equipment Feedback Jack “Jackeea” Udale
Systems Feedback Jan “YinYin” Leuschner
Detailed Playtesting Pace Smith
Modding Feedback ncrecc

Beta Testing

  • Hunkydory
  • Ivan Cohen
  • Scott Crossley
  • codyfun123
  • Sean Stangl
  • mothbeanie
  • David “TheMysticSword” Galiev
  • Zoe “Hupfen” Landon
  • F Field
  • Tuomas Lampinen


German Thomas Faust
French Words of Magic
Korean Bada Im
Chinese (Simplified) Sound of Mystery
Arabic Alexis Clay
Catalan Eduard Ereza Martínez
Spanish Felipe Mercader Martínez
Irish MJM and KPS, Ríomhacadamh
Japanese Go Endo (with Kakehashi Games)
Chinese (Traditional) whiteblack
Welsh Morgan Roberts (Menter Caerffili)
Silesian Kuba “onetruepurple” Kallus

Localisation (with EDS Wordland)

Italian Fabio Gurini
Portuguese Andre Leite
Russian Kirill Semenov
Turkish Ali Emre Gulener
Dutch Loek van Kooten
Brazilian Portuguese Igor Vianna
Polish Karol Kacprzak
EDS Wordland Emilia

Japanese Publishing Support

Kakehashi Games

Japanese Localization

Go Endo

Tomoko Kono

Eternal Dream Arabization

Montassar Ghanmi

Mohammed Seif Eddine Chaib

Abdulrahman Saeed Alherbi

Indium Play QA

Stefan Jonceski

Filip Georgijev

Dajana Dimovska

Elena Gramatikovska

Nenad Nikolovski

Mario Mitrovski

Special Thanks

Everyone on the dicecord, for their amazing feedback and support ♥

GreySilence and cheep for the alpha title screens

Portland Indie Game Squad

Leaf and Amos at

David “TheMysticSword” Galiev

Neypah Tit

Ishai Ben-Dov

Jessica Mick

Stephen Lavelle

Josh Hadley

Kerry Lambeth

Our friends and family

Lady Luck

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