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The Robot was the fifth playable character added to Dicey Dungeons, first appearing in v0.10. However, they are the third playable character. They are unlocked after the player plays an episode with the Thief.

The Robot is a huge fan of self-improvement and entered the Dungeons in order to improve themself. Their first improvement is eliminating their need to sleep, and they plan to play for immortality next time.

Unlike other characters who have a certain number of dice each level, the Robot relies on a counter with a CPU limit that is increased with each level. The counter ticks up every time a dice is calculated based on the value of the dice, but going over the counter will cause an “error” destroying all equipment for the turn.

However, if the counter reaches the CPU limit exactly, the Robot attains a Jackpot, which can give various bonuses. During the first few episodes, the Robot can deal 5 damage, heal 3 health, or roll another dice with the Jackpot. In the fifth and sixth episodes the Jackpot chooses three bonuses from a larger list of options. The Robot's Limit Break, Autoroll, is designed to guarantee that this Jackpot will happen.



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