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The Jester is the sixth and final character in Dicey Dungeons. They originally appeared in v0.13 as an alpha character, and after some rounds of reworking, they finally appeared as a complete character in v0.16.

In the game, the Jester hosted the wheel spin for Lady Luck, being her main minion. However, being annoyed by the fact that they've been stuck in the Dungeons for so long, they decide to help the other contestants instead. Their wish is to get pizza, go on a rollercoaster, and escape the Dungeons.

The Jester is unlocked after they are defeated during their boss fight during an episode.

The Jester plays differently from the other characters in that their equipment is shuffled like a deck: they draw 3 cards representing their equipment and can place dice into that equipment to use it. Matching cards can be discarded to make room for other pieces of equipment, but Jester's Limit Break, Snap!, allows them to use the matching cards for free instead of discarding them.



Character Tips

  • While it is a good idea to get more cards to become more powerful, it's also dangerous because it makes it harder for cards to match. Gain and destroy new cards wisely.
  • On turns when you don't have Snap! ready, it can be a good idea to simply discard and use cards in an order that will allow Snap! to maximize its power. This is good especially against enemies like Paper Knight and Gargoyle that can Lock dice.
  • Make sure you can always use your dice. If your only offensive equipment consists of Magic Missile and Electric Shock and you don't have anything you can cast with a 5, you won't get too much out of your 5s.
  • During the third episode, Losers, Weepers, it is a good idea to keep the deck as thin as you possibly can, since multiple strong cards won't do much if the player can't manipulate the dice properly to use them.

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