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List of Challenges

There are 53 challenges in the game which correspond to achievements on the Steam and Xbox versions of the game, and trophies in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game. Completing each challenge will unlock a character bio.

The achievements are shown in order, along with the character bio they unlock.

Achievement/Trophy Name Requirements Bio Unlocked Gamerscore (Xbox)
Unlock episodes Unlock episodes. (Play a game with five different characters) Frog 10
6 episodes Complete any 6 episodes. Gardener 15
9 episodes Complete any 9 episodes. Wolf Puppy 15
12 episodes Complete any 12 episodes. Cowboy 15
All episodes for one contestant Complete all six episodes for any one contestant. Handyman 10
Curse of Greed Complete the episode named “Curse of Greed”. Marshmallow 10
Finders Keepers Complete the episode named “Finders Keepers”. Sticky Hands 10
You Choose, You Lose Complete the episode named “You Choose, You Lose”. Robobot 10
The Inevitability of Rust Complete the episode named “The Inevitability of Rust”. Banshee 10
Countdown Complete the episode named “Countdown”. Space Marine 10
Losers, Weepers Complete the episode named “Losers, Weepers”. Copycat 10
Elimination Round 1 Complete any elimination round episode. Sneezy 15
Elimination Round 2 Complete any two elimination round episodes. Magician 15
Elimination Round 3 Complete any three elimination round episodes. Dire Wolf 15
Elimination Round 4 Complete any four elimination round episodes. Vacuum 15
Elimination Round 5 Complete any five elimination round episodes. Bounty Hunter 15
Elimination Round 6 Complete all six elimination round episodes. Skeleton 15
Parallel Universe 1 Complete any parallel universe episode. Rose 15
Parallel Universe 2 Complete any two parallel universe episodes. Mimic 15
Parallel Universe 3 Complete any three parallel universe episodes. Wisp 15
Parallel Universe 4 Complete any four parallel universe episodes. Rotten Apple 15
Parallel Universe 5 Complete any five parallel universe episodes. Warlock 15
Parallel Universe 6 Complete all six parallel universe episodes. Cornelius 15
All six bonus rounds Complete all six bonus rounds. Scathach 30
Hard Mode Bonus Round 1 Complete any bonus round episode in hard mode. Beatrice 15
Hard Mode Bonus Round 2 Complete any two bonus round episodes in hard mode. Drake 15
Hard Mode Bonus Round 3 Complete any three bonus round episodes in hard mode. Madison 15
Hard Mode Bonus Round 4 Complete any four bonus round episodes in hard mode. Aoife 15
Hard Mode Bonus Round 5 Complete any five bonus round episodes in hard mode. Audrey 15
Hard Mode Bonus Round 6 Complete all six bonus round episodes in hard mode. Buster 90
Defeat a boss with 4 Battle Axes Defeat a boss with four or more battle axes equipped. Rhino Beetle 15
Use a Finale card Use a Finale card. Keymaster 15
Do 12 damage with thrown dice Do 12 or more damage in one turn by throwing dice. Sorceress 15
Four Prepared Slots Complete an episode as Witch with four prepared slots. Wizard 15
10 ones in a row Roll 10 ones in a row. Yeti 15
Win on your first turn Defeat an enemy on your first turn. Bully 15
Defeat a boss with full health Defeat a boss with full health. Dryad 15
Use limit break twice Use your limit break twice in one turn. Pirate 15
20 damage with Dagger Do more than 20 damage in one turn with Dagger. Cactus 15
40 damage in a one attack Do more than 40 damage in a single attack. Paper Knight 15
Inflict 5 Burn Inflict 5 or more Burn in a single turn. Fireman 15
Inflict 5 Freeze Inflict 5 or more Freeze in a single turn. Snowman 15
Inflict 5 Shock Inflict 5 or more Shock in a single turn. Aurora 15
Inflict 10 Poison Stack 10 or more Poison on an enemy at once. Slime 15
Inflict 30 Poison Stack 30 or more Poison on an enemy at once. Haunted Jar 15
Lock all dice Lock all enemy dice. Gargoyle 15
Triple Gadget Use the same gadget three times in one turn. Stereohead 15
E G G Hatch an egg. Crystalina 15
64 Max HP Have max health of 64 or higher. Wicker Man 15
Use Dragon's Tooth Use the Dragon's Tooth. Hothead 15
Furry Dice Become a furry dice. Alchemist 15
Complete all 36 episodes Complete all 36 regular episodes. Rat King 90
Defeat Lady Luck Defeat Lady Luck. Baby Squid 95
Let the Good Times Roll (PS4+PS5 only) Unlock all other trophies N/A N/A

Old Challenges

These challenges are no longer in the game since they have been replaced with other challenges.

Name Requirements Bio Unlocked
20 Gold Complete an episode with 20 gold. Rat King
Survive Cornelius Survive an attack from Cornelius. Cornelius
Defeat boss at level 4 Defeat a boss at level 4. Paper Knight

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