The Wisp is an enemy found on the third floor.


  • ❤️ 24
  • 🎲x0
  • Innate: Gets an Extra 🎲 Every Turn



The Wisp's Lightning Bolt discharges damage dealt against itself in case the Wisp has a double. That is, if it took 20 damage over the course of two turns, it would be able to discharge 20 damage back to the player. Since dealing 24 damage is relatively easy and can be done in 2 or 3 turns, the usual tactic is to deal damage as fast as you can.

While the Wisp is generally an annoying enemy in Normal Mode, it becomes incredibly dangerous in Hard Mode. The Wisp in Hard Mode sports the upgraded Lightning Bolt+, which can be activated way easier than that of the default counterpart. While it is ideal to spread out the damage the Wisp takes (and subsequently the damage you take), this may not work as planned in case the Wisp uses the move Backfire, which deals 5 damage to itself and 10 damage in Hard Mode. This self-harm also counts toward the charge of the Lightning Bolt. Hence, the strategy is to still deal damage as much as you can, but with an added challenge of holding on as much as you can.

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