Challenges are unofficial user-created achievements. Just for fun, see if you can accomplish these!

Clicking on the challenges will reveal hints and strategies for accomplishing them.

  1. Do over 100 damage in one hit
  2. Get 20 dice
  3. Beat Dragon without any shields
  4. Limitless (don't use your limit break)
  5. Beat a boss without bringing any weapons into the fight
  6. Survive a hit from Cornelius' "Nightmare" weapon
  7. Cat scratch run: As Witch, you're not allowed to use any spell which affects the enemy. No damage. No status effects. Nada. (and because there's no reason to, not picking up, buying, or receiving on level up anything which would let you.) The only way to do any damage is to use the "Do 1 damage" in the Spellbook.
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